07 Best Fishing Spots in France for Tourists

One of the reasons to get attracted to France is its potential for fishing. As one of the most embraced activities to do in France, the rules and regulations have been raised by the Government under Ecotourism. If you are interested in fishing, following 07 best fishing spots in France for tourists will help you to accomplish your goal.


France has become a popular resort for Ecotourism. This place, Capbreton is one of those places that have been made popular by the French government due to its potential in ecotourism. If you are interested in fishing in Sea along with delicious meals, this will be the right spot among 10 best fishing spots in France for tourists.

After hiring a boat from a store, you will id lots of fishing spots around the Atlantic Ocean with a maximum length of 2km from the beach. Other than that, the beach fishing has become a famous activity to do. It means, you may find plenty of small spots to relax and do the fishing at the same type. When considering the available fish types, Sea Bass, Bonito, Sea Bream, Tuna, Marlin, and Rock Salmon are popular.

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Kite surfing, swimming, scuba diving, whale watching, seafood, campfire

Lac du Bourget

As the deepest lake in France, this place is considered to be one of the best fishing spots in France for tourists where lots of fish species are for fishing. The lake is 18km long and the maximum depth is about 118m. When coming to the other reasons to have attracted by the tourists, the lake is famous for being the oldest lakes in the world.

It is believed that the lake has been developed into its current position about 19000 years ago. That is why the locals call it the jewel of the Rhone-Alps region as well. The fish types like Perch, Zander, Pike, and Trout are prominent in this lake. If you are interested in discovering various subspecies belong to those fish types, this lake will be resourceful.

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Night camping, Night fishing, Kite surfing, Golfing, BBQ

Les Fortineires

If you wish to do some sacrifices regarding the comfort, this will be the best place among the 10 best fishing spots in France for tourists. Giant carps, Giant pikes, giant catfish, and more delicious fish will be there for you. In return, you have to give the desire to enjoy photo clicking chances, and more sightseeing opportunities as this place is not the best place to do other activities.

You are free to hire a boat and then do your fishing or do the fishing from the land itself.Although you will not find more hiring and renting options, things will be just fine. Before you leave for this place, it is better to do the booking or checking as the tourism has not moved into this area like other urban areas. Also, the resources and the limited space will be the only setback for fishing.

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Swimming, Delicious food, relaxing


You will find lots of attractions set for fishing. When it comes to the fishing spots that have been specified for fishing, you will find only a few. Alder is one of those spots where you can find everything related and comfortable about fishing.

Alder is prepared with lusty greenish files that have facilitated a calm environment for Angling. According to the tourists, you will e babel to find any type of fish in any size. For example, if you wish to catch a carp or a trout that weighs more than 50lbs, that will not be a hard thing at all.

The best way to enjoy your fishing spot is to drive and survive which means to drive and find fish on your own. You will be able to hire a car and make your trip onto any place in Alder and have your fishing on your own way. The most important thing to remember is, taking your fishing equipment as the price may be higher in Alder for equipment.

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BBQ, campfire, Swimming, Night fishing

Arcachon Bay

Among the 10 best fishing spots in France for tourists mentioned in this article, you will not find a responsive place for sea fish except Arcachon Bay. It is situated in the southern part of the country where few islands have separated from the mainland.

The place is known for its awesomely beautiful coast and the ability to facilitate residents for the tourist who wish to do fishing in ay time of the year. Although freshwater fishing is limited due to the permit-issuing limitation, you will find Archachon bay to be open throughout the year.

Oysters, Sea Bream, Sea Bass Bluefin Tuna like fish are constantly available for fishing. Hiring a boat, hiring equipment, delicious food, and luxurious residencies like common problems will not be a problem at this venue. As a city under the eco-tourism development projects, you will find everything a man needs.

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Scuba diving, boat trips, Kite surfing, whale watching, night fishing, seafood restaurants, special events

Lac de Saint-Cassien

The place has been named as one of the 10 best fishing spots in France for tourists due to its capacity. According to professionals, this place is capable of delivering more than 1000 trouts or any other fish according to the will of the fisherman. It is not only one of the 10 best fishing spots in France for tourists but the best freshwater fishing spots in the world.

You will be able to catch Salmon, Trout, and Pike as the more common fish types. Also, the anglers are used by the fishermen to catch giant carps. Experienced fishermen have shared photos of carps that weigh more than 50lbs as a sure thing for a beginner.

Tips and advices are what can make you a professional in the field. If you pay a visit to Lac de Saint-Cassien, the knowledge will be yours along with the local fishermen. They are willing to share their experience with anyone. When considering more options that you take, a delicious meal will be an exception to your visit.

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Kite surfing, swimming, campfire, BBQ, night fishing

Lake Der-Chantecoq

France is a popular country for producing giant carps. When it comes to Lake der-chantecoq, you will not find giant carps as giant as at this venue. As a place located just 120 miles away from the France capital Paris, this will be just a 3 hour drive from there. According to the recent history, fisherman have been able to catch giant fish that weigh more than 60lbs.

Even if you are a beginner, a small angling tip will make you fruitful on catching a giant carp. Another thing to remember about this venue is its assembly of tiny places around the lake. Although the place gets busier than other 10 best fishing spots in France for tourists, you will find you a calm spot hidden in bushes.

Another thing you should remember of this amazing fishing destination is its permission period. As you must know, the freshwater fishing is fruitful during March to September period. You will only get a permit during that period from the authorities. If you intend to move to here fits, it will be better to arrange your visit at the early of March and then move to Southern part of the country.

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This article has explained the 07 best fishing spots in France for tourists. They are a combination of different fishing spots that include various fish types. It means, if you want to find specific fish such as mackerel, Salmon, Trouts, or any other fish, you will have to find more details. Furthermore, you will find more information from the FAQ section which has described more details about fishing in France.

When is the best time of the year to go on fishing in France?

It depends on the water type you are going to fish. If you are about to go on fishing in lakes or any freshwater stream, the period from March to October will be fine. If you are targeting open space, the period from March to September.

How many best fishing spots in France for tourists are there?

According to tourists, they have been able to discover more than 100 best fishing spots in France for tourists. Those spots include from freshwater fishing spots to open space fishing spots commonly.

What is the best fishing spot in France According to the tourists?

Among the best fishing spots in France for tourists, the headwaters of the Loire River is considered as the best fishing spot. When considering its availabilities, the flying fish, any type of freshwater fish, and the quality of the water are crucial.

Is it illegal to di fishing in France?

Well it is not an illegal thing if you have a permit. Having a fishing permit for a citizen is also essential. As a tourist, you must have a permit as a sure thing. When it comes to getting a permit for fishing as a tourist, you can easily get the permission from tourists offices on sporting shops. The cost per permit will be approximately 10 euros as well.

Is trout fishing available in France?

If you are a fan of trout fishing, you will find lots of spots to get that accomplished. More importantly, thousands of tourists are attracting to France only for trout fishing on France.
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