07 Ecotourism Destinations In Spain

Spain is a paradise for the nature lovers along with plenty of attractions to visit. This article will state 07 ecotourism destinations in Spain.

Spain has a reputation for having natural wonders in their possession and exposing them for tourism. According to the tourists who annually make themselves comfortable with the Spain, it is a paradise where the nature has maximum features.

What makes them unique from other natures’ features are the biodiversity, geographical location, and the governments’’ specific rules and conditions towards a sustainable tourism. You, as a person who loves to leave things as they are, might be willing to visit such places in Spain. This article will explain about 07 ecotourism destinations in Spain along with a special guide.

What Should You Know About Ecotourism Destinations In Spain?

Ecotourism is what involves the sustainable use of the tourism related resources. Spain has been trying to take the deepest meanings of the sustainable tourism as early as 1990s. It was a time when the most of the countries had not even thought of such tourism. 

Spain brought awareness programs to local hosts regarding the ecotourism in the early steps. When it comes to the present days, the country has set up a website,, to inform the tourists and encourage them for green tourism or the sustainable tourism as the world knows it.

Although it takes place majorly in camping sites, fishing spots, and the major tourists roaming areas, you will be babel to enjoy a green tour along with the awareness. Also, the amazing charges and benefits will be entitled for a person who engages in ecotourism. Here are such 07 ecotourism destinations in Spain you may enjoy.


Among the ecotourism destinations in Spain, Donana is known for its possession of birds. More than 300 bird species have been found in this region. The most important thing is 57 bird species are endemic to the region. This area is made of Doñana Natural Park and the Doñana National Park where the Spain government has declared as a green tourism destination in 2015.

As an area protected by the rules and regulations, the true natural assets can be enjoyed at its best for a tourist. Even if you are interested in Botany, you will be babel to identify specific variations in the plants and creepers that are not available in any part of the Spain. Sarcocornia fruticosa, and Halimione portulacoides are two of those botanical assets.

Things to do 

Fishing, boat tours, researches, relaxation. Panoramic photography

Sierra Nevada

As one of the embracing ecotourism destinations in Spain, Sierra Nevada is a great place for a vacation. The mount range is a famous one due to epic view facilitated after a hike. More than a hike, it will be a walk as the path has been established into the peaks.

The 84600ha land has been declared as a UNESCO preserved biosphere due to its natural importance. Even if you are interested on the natural importance, the geological importance of the area will impress you. According to the specialist, the area has been created millions of years ago due to a volcanic eruption.

When coming to the southern part of the Sierra Nevada, Spain, Natural Park and Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park are important for the mankind due to its amazing soil and the plant variation. Literally, you will feel that you are o a different planet due to the higher variation.    

Things to do 

Campfire, Night boat trips, Swimming

Las Medulas

Among the ecotourism destinations in Spain, the Las Medulas is an area where you can find almost natural assets belong to Spain. According to sources, this area has been used by the Ancient Roman Empire to mine gold. After the attacks that took place in the second century AD, the mines were left to nature and the remaining were owned by the nature.

If you are a person who has the interest to pay the attention to isolated and abandoned places, the site will be a better place. The building covered by the greenish flesh will be an immortal memory for a person who is interested. When it comes to the nature’s affection, this place has been declared as a UNESCO conserved site due to its dense animal and plant population.

Even if you are not interested in nature, the Old Roman work will surely keep you interested. Although the eco-tourism protocols are in action, you will e babel to get there along with a permission. The best thing is to get the permission from relevant authorities before getting there.

Things to do 

Sightseeing, Camping, photography

Cabrera national Park

As a person looking for the ecotourism destinations in Spain, Cabrera is a must-go place for you. Along with a 100 square kilometer area, this place is located in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands. The national park is important to human regarding lots of factors, its location, increased biodiversity, dense plant population and more importantly being isolated in a remote area.

If your main intention is to have an ecotourism place along with the isolation, you will be able to get everything from this place. Until the recent times, the national park remained a land held by the Spanish military. As one of the ecotourism destinations in Spain, this land is not allowed to enter more than 200 people at once.

You will have to choose a date between March and September to get the full use of your visit. When coming to the things that a visitor can do, scuba diving, wildlife photography, fishing, and boat trips are specific. Even if you are interested in archeological or historical sites, you will find Cabrera Castle as a main attraction.

Other Things to do  

Night photography, campfire, camping. Researching

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is one of the main ecotourism destinations in Spain due to its main feature, being isolated. If your expectation is to go to a place the land is isolated, this will be the best place. Many tourists visit this place for its diversity in sea birds.

According to the researches, there are more than 80 sea bird species in this island. More importantly, 38 of them are reported to be endemic species. The ringing the bells in the Hermitage and making a wish have been a typical interest of the visitors. After stepping on 237 stairs that will be a great thing to do. You are free to visit this place 365 days a year without getting the permission from the authorities.

More things to do 

Sightseeing, researches on Sea birds, photography, boat trips

European Peaks

As one of the scenic landscapes a tourist may get, the European peaks is a place where the ecotourism has been focused. Even if you have various intentions related to your visit such as artistic, natural, cultural, or even the desire to discover a new place, the European peaks will be a nice match.

Made with three peak heads, the European peaks has got natural vales as the first. Although the thickness of fleshy plants is less, there is a dense insect and animal population in the area. Due to the importance of the natural diversity, this site was declared as a UNESCO conserved site in 2002 as well.

When it comes to the cultural influence, you will be able to discover the caves where the rock arts are located. Other than that, Romanesque and Gothic churches, ancient baroque palaces, and the Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla like communities will be attractions for a person.

Things to do

Night camping, fishing, boat trips, cultural tours

Someido Nature’s park

When the topic is about eth ecotourism destinations in Spain, the Someido nature’s Park is surely an interesting place to take into the consideration. The river is covering more than 280 square kilometers along with the nutrition to the plants and trees on its way. The most important thing about this river is its lakes. There are lots of lakes that have been created as a result of waterlogging.

You will be able to enjoy the entire path along with lakes, awesome sights, endemic creatures, and the manmade activities to enhance the entertainment. The fishing in the lakes of Saliencia has been a recently developed activity.

Since there is an average depth of 10m and a radius of 250m at some points, the fish diversity has been increased up to a considerable extent. When it comes to the animals, bears and the wild cats have become a common sight around this area. If you are willing to get a hiking experience along with the sightseeing, the Someido nature’s park will be a gorgeous place.

Thing to do

Animal photography, campfire, boat trips, researches


This article has mentioned 07 ecotourism destinations in Spain. If your will is to get to a place where the ecotourism or the green travelling is encouraged, one of these places will serve your will fro sure. It is always better to get the permission from the relevant regional offices before getting as the eco-tourism has raised few limitations. Also, you have to visit some places after finding an accommodation as some of the mentioned places are lack in infrastructure.

Is really ecotourism available in Spain?

Yes indeed. The ecotourism came into Spain in the late 1990s and it is one of the Government's key focuses at present.

What does it mean by the ecotourism destinations in Spain?

It means the destination that have enabled and granted specific encouragements for tourists who prefer green tourism.

What are the main three parts of the ecotourism?

The main there parts of the eco-tourism are environmental protection, wildlife conservation, poverty alleviation.

Will I have to worry if I choose ecotourism destinations in Spain in my trip?

Of course not. You will be able to spend your time in a secured environment where the garbage and the unfavorable things are minimized. After all, you will be able to enjoy special price rates from the hotels a swell.
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