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15 Must Visit Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Shaping like a teardrop, getting aliasing as “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka bewitches people worldwide from its falling beauty. Waterfalls in Sri Lanka are widely spread and are not restricted to the hill area. For the gracefully trickling beauty that demands a few hours of hiking, or the impatient mass of pouring waterfall that you happen across by the roadside, Sri Lanka offers it all.

Sri Lanka has the most excellent waterfall density globally, with a total of 382 documented dispersed over the nation. But many of them are inaccessible. It is making them even more beautiful. Waterfalls in Sri Lanka can be seen anywhere, and the ones that are accessible are no less breathtaking. In addition, they encircle beautiful green woods and rugged terrains. The moment has come for you to live the life you have always wanted in that kind of setting.

When talking about the waterfalls in Sri Lanka, there are many fascinating things to do and see. If you are travelling on this tiny Island, it is best to know which ones to visit while touring. Out of hundreds of them, the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka are mentioned below in assisting you to make your stay more memorable.

Waterfalls in Sri Lanka are widely scattered and are not restricted to the hill area. The Colombo District features four, two of which are just four meters high, while the others are ten and fifteen meters high. Kurunegala has just one of the six meters, whereas Gampaha and Hambantota each have two. Ratnapura district has the most (109), followed by Nuwara Eliya (75) and Kegalle (40). Several of them are associated with intriguing folk stories and mythology.

1. Baker’s Ella

Sir Samuel Baker found this, and it’s a nice place to halt on your trip to the World’s end. The Bakers Falls stream down from the Horton Plains towards the World’s end, fed by BelihulOya. There are rare black monkeys and blooming rhododendrons surrounding it, creating a beautiful misty atmosphere.

It is a leading attraction in Sri Lanka. And is one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka, forming several streams as it descends. Its 20 meters tall and can reach a short trek easily from Horton Plains National Park. Avoid it through the rainy season. Both the roadway and the fall are pretty risky at that time.

2. Bambarakanda Ella

Bambarakanda, alternatively spelt Bambarakele Falls is Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall. With an elevation of 263 meters (863 feet), it is the World’s 299th tallest. It locates 5 kilometres off the A4 Highway in Kalupahana, Badulla District. And can be found in a forest of pine trees.

Even though not toured frequently due to its remote location, it is a seasonal cascade that raises capacity from October to March. The KudaOya branch of the Walwe River creates Bambarakanda. One should not miss this spot on their bucket list since the beauty of the fall is that the entire stream sways to and fro due to the very high winds blowing across it, making it a stunning sight.

3. Bopath Ella

By taking the shape of a “BO” leaf, Bopath Ella takes unique and one of the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Though it is a significant tourist attraction in the country, locals believe it hunt and hide treasure trove. Among many picturesque waterfalls in Sri Lanka, Bopath Ella possesses the highest turnover of visitors due to its nearby location of Devipahala off Kuruwita on A4 High-Level road close to Ratnapura.

The most noticeable aspect is its shape, which forms when it rushes between two tiny rocky outcrops and subsequently spreads into an awe-inspiring waterfall. Heart-shaped falls at the height of 30 meters entice passing tourists to linger in the area, capturing their hearts.

4. Devon Ella

It is situated in the Devon Tea Plantation, the fall nourished by Kothmmaleoya, a branch of the Mahaveli River. Multiple cascades add to its splendour and a spacious area in front of it that highlights the colossal magnitude of the fall. Devon, often known as the ‘Veil of the Valley’, is 97 m high and are located 1,140 m above sea level. It is the country’s 19th highest.

Devon Ella got it to name after a pioneer English coffee planter called Devon. It is situated 6km west of Thalawakale Nuwara Eliya District. If you are after an adventure, you may descend through the tea estate to the base of Devon. Consult with locals to discover the best route.

5. Diyaluma Ella

The name in the Sinhalese language means “rapid flow of water”, and it lives up to its name, especially in the rainy season. Diyaluma is the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and the 361st tallest in the world, at 220 meters (720 feet). Most of the time, it is mistaken to be the highest. It is situated 6 kilometres from Koslanda in the Badulla District and runs towards KirindiOya beneath a bridge on the Beragala-Wellawaya route.

Diyaluma Ella is a very magnificent vista. It takes on the shape of a horsetail after falling and leaping from a cliff. Its proximity to one of the World’s most important highways, which connects the Hill Country to the Plains, is a testament to its worldwide fame. According to Dr R. L. Brohier, a Sri Lankan historian, Diyaluma is the backdrop for a legend about a misfortune with a young prince who had been exiled to the highlands and his betrothed’s effort to join him.

When all the passages were blocked, the young guy lowered a rope of tangled creepers over the cliff; as she was hoisted up, she was thrown against the rocks and died. The Gods, affected by the horrible scene, allowed a stream of water to pour from the mountain, obscuring all traces of the catastrophe in a watery light, thus the title Diyaluma.

6. Dunhinda Ella

Even though Dunhida cannot compete with the highest waterfalls on the earth in terms of height, it challenges several of them in terms of the natural beauty that it endows on the area. Dunhinda is one of Sri Lanka’s most talked-about waterfalls, despite the fact that it is substantially less than the tallest of the falls at 64 meters. It locates about 2 kilometres from the main road that connects Badulla, a distant city in the Uva Province, to Taldena and is a popular destination for tourists.

When discussing Sri Lanka’s most stunning cascades, Dunhinda is a must-see. It is primarily known for a thick, smoky mist that engulfs the surrounding area. Because of the thick, smoky mist that gathers at the waterfall’s base, the place was given the name “Dun” (“mist” in Sinhala). Bridal fall gets its name from the way the waterfalls, which resembles a veil. It is worth noting that the fall has its own stories and tales.

On the walk to Dunhinda, one may observe “KudaDunhinda” (“Kuda” meaning little in Sinhala), which serves as a precursor to its gigantic brother. It produces by the BuduluOya River, which runs through the Uva highlands’ mountainous border. The two-kilometre trail is well worth the view of this splendour.

7. St. Clair’s Ella

Tagging with the name of “Little Niagara” in Sri Lanka, St.Clair’s falls in two cascades. Regular bathers will find it appealing because it is pretty easily reachable from a walkway through greeny tea shrubs. Located near the main road from Avissawella to Nuwara-Eliya, the St.Clair’s is one of two waterfalls threatened by a proposed hydro-power scheme. Nominated after a British colonist, it can be observed from the Main Line rail track near Talawakelle.

Being one of Sri Lanka’s largest, it is 80 meters high and is located 3 kilometres west of Talawakele town on the Hatton – Nuwara Eliya route. It is one of six waterfalls created by the Kotmaleoya (a tributary of the Mahaweli River) as a result of the Kotmale Hydropower project.

Its name after a nearby tea plantation. St. Clairs is, without a doubt, the most awe-inspiring waterfall in Sri Lanka and one of the most picturesque locations in the country. The neighbouring tea gardens are perfect for relaxing for a while. Experience the beauty of the place before going back.

8. Ravana Ella

Situating in the dry zone of Welimada, this enchanting fall is an endless stream of life for the villagers. Being one of the broadest waterfalls in Sri Lanka, Ravana Ella looks utterly magnificent in the rain. The Ravana fall is a significant site in the Ramayana, the classic Indian epic, with a hazardous reputation for being wild. The cave behind the Ravana, appropriately titled Ravana fall cave, is claimed to be where king Ravana imprisoned Sitha.

This waterfall flows from an oval-shaped concave granite outcrop and is around 25 meters (82 feet) in height. During the local rainy season, it resembles a withering areca flower. However, this is not the case during the dry season, when water flow is significantly reduced. The fall locates inside the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, around 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) from Ella’s town train station. It is fed by a branch of River Kirindi and is noticeable from the Ella-Wellawaya road.

9. Ramboda Ella

From the top of the waterfall, at an elevation of 945 meters above sea level, you’ll have an unforgettable experience. Ramboda Falls; 109 meters (358 feet) high, making it Sri Lanka’s 11th tallest and the 729th highest in the World.

This massive creature comprises three distinct steps. The first of which is 100 meters tall and located in the jungle above the A-5 road (near the 53 Km post). The second of which is 3 meters tall and flows close to the road. And the final of which is 100 meters tall and flows down to the Ramboda basin.

The tourist should drop to the “Ramboda basin,” which is home to the world-famous “Ramboda Inn,” where you may watch the entire waterfall. When we were there, the higher portion was clouded by fog, and if one looks closely, you can see a bus on the bridge across the A-5 highway. This picturesque waterfall offers an unforgettable experience.

10. Bomburu Ella

Locating at Uva-Paranagama Divisional Secretariat near the border of Nuwara Eliya and Badulla districts, approximately 15 km from Welimada town Bomburu Ella is the widest in Sri Lanka. It is also known as Perawella Falls, consists of some small cascades grouped together. Welimada and Uva Paranagama are well-known potato growing regions. You may visit the Bomburu and the Welimada potato and vegetable fields.

Bomburu Ella is fed by a lake in central highlands, making it one of the beauties that travellers make an effort to witness. Not only the Ella but the neighbouring area is also known to be breathtaking. It is a seasonal one that frequently dries up entirely during the dry season, allowing December to January and April to May the best periods to visit.

The Bomburuella receives its water from a few sources, including the famed Gregory lake in Nuwara Eliya, and flows to Baduluoya, where it carries to the Uma River, which takes it to BaduluOya and transports it to the Randenigala Rentable and Victoria valleys.

11. Dhuwili Ella

Dhuwili Ella, also known as Walawe Ganga East Falls (Sinhala: දූවිලි ඇල්ල), is located in Ratnapura District, Thanjantenna village, about 4 kilometres from Balangoda.. Falls into the Samanalawewa valley, this waterfall may reach by car from Balangoda (27km) or on foot (three kilometres) from Kalthota. Additional routes to Samanalawewa include Belihuloya and Pambahinna.

The Dhuwili Ella is stunning, and it pours water at a rapid rate. Therefore, it is not suitable for bathing and is quite dangerous for a swim. BelihulOya, which feeds the Dhuwili Ella, is best known as the purest waterway in the World.

12. Aberdeen Ella

Aberdeen fall is 98 m (322 ft) high, located in the Nuwara Eliya District on the Kehelgamu Oya near Ginigathena 6km away from the Nuwara Eliya. Kehelgamu Oya is a main branch of the Kelani River. To honour Aberdeenshire and its capital of Aberdeen, the waterfall has been renamed The Aberdeen Falls.

The waterfall is the Island’s 18th tallest. Aberdeen is amongst the most famous waterfalls in Sri Lanka, and A visit to this lovely thing will surely give a refreshing touch to your Sri Lankan vacation. Behind this structure lies a large stone structure.

The most direct route here is through the road. To get here, take Ambatale road to the Buddha monument. Swimming in the centre of the pool is not recommended, because it has been dangerous in the past.

13. Laxapana Ella

With exceptional beauty, Laxapana, Ella stands at the end of a rugged road, telling us that the hard paths often lead to wonderful destinations. It is 126 meters (413 feet) high, making it Sri Lanka’s eighth tallest and the 625th highest in the World. It is located in the Maskeliya section of the Nuwara Eliya District, near the hamlet of Kiriwan Eliya.

According to popular legend, this is where Buddha repaired his saffron robe during his visit to Sri Pada. This rocky’s name derives from the Sinhala terms “Laxa,” which means “a hundred thousand,” and pahana, which means “rock.” Maskeliya Oya creates Laxapana near the confluence of Kehelgamu Oya and Maskeliya Oya, which together form the beautiful Kelani River.

The falls are home to two hydroelectric power plants: the Old Laxapana Power Station, which generates 50 megawatts of energy, and the New Laxapana Power Station, which produces 100 megawatts of electricity. Additionally, rocky waterfalls are frequently slippery. Take care when walking around the waterfall and avoid stepping on loose rocks.

14. Olu Ella

Olu Ella locates in a remote community called Malalpola, off the Yatiyantota-Nuwara-Eliya High-Level Road. It dances its way through a series of waterfalls before making its way beneath a wooden bridge beside the road. Olu Ella contributes to the village’s rural atmosphere. Olu Ella is very well-known among visitors, even if it takes for granted by residents. As you pass the wooden bridge at the foot of the falls, you may feel the luscious sensation of water shower on your face.

15. KirindiOya Ella

Among all the waterfalls in Sri Lanka, Kirindi Oya is a wonder to see. Kirindi Oya is the third highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It plunges 200 metres. It is visible as you go from Ratnapura to Pelmadulla on the Katupitiya road, which passes a tea factory. You must follow a footpath just beyond the tea factory, and if you don’t mind walking through wild grass and reeds, you may get pretty near the waterfall.

The water plunges into a deep pool known as Diyagathwala at the base of the fall. A flight of stone stairs claimes to go down to the bottom, where a secret treasure hoard locates. However, it is worth mentioning that during times of drought, the water totally evaporates, and there have been no claims of discovered treasure.

According to legends about a monarch who lived here suffering from irritation, this place was once called “Kustapitiya”, which means itch. Additionally, local villagers think that human voices hear near the fall on Halloween. Further, fireballs claimes to be seen in the skies above the fall at night.

Conclusion: Waterfalls in Sri Lanka You Must Visit

Sri Lanka, which is irrigated by two half-yearly monsoons, is a paradise for waterfall enthusiasts. Waterfalls in Sri Lanka have the most excellent density globally, with a total of 382 scattered across the country, highlighting its international appeal. It is unnecessary to go to the hill area to see waterfalls in Sri Lanka since they are widely spread around the nation.

Therefore, whether you enjoy scenic beauty or are seeking an adventurous adventure, don’t forget to schedule a visit to these magnificent waterfalls in Sri Lanka, which will undoubtedly make you fall in love with their majestic majesty.

FAQ Waterfalls Sri Lanka

How many waterfalls are in Sri Lanka?

382 waterfalls spread throughout the country.

What is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka?

Bambarakanda Falls is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and is a popular tourist destination.

What are the main waterfalls in Sri Lanka?

Bambarakanda Falls. Baker Falls. St. Clair’s fall. Ravana Falls. Dunhinda Falls. Gartmore Falls. Devon Falls. Diyaluma Falls.

What is the shortest waterfall in Sri Lanka?

Devathura Falls, which is 10 m (33 ft)

What do you mean by a waterfall?

It is a section of a river or stream where the water rushes over a vertical drop or succession of sharp dips.

What is the height of the Bambarakanda waterfall?

Bambarakanda, the island’s tallest waterfall, has a vertical height of 263 meters (863 ft). it’s ranked as 299th among the world’s tallest waterfalls. its Located in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka, Kalupahana. It is approximately 795 feet above sea level.

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