10 Famous German Landmarks for 2022 Travelling

German has always been a home for the embracing architectures and designers. This article will explain 10 famous German landmarks that you must visit during a visit.

Once belonged to a country that made the whole world suffered, the berlin soil at present is a home for hundreds of embracing creations. 

The Holocaust Monument, Berlin

The Holocaust Monument is considered as a monument built to forget the worst part of the country. If you are in Berlin, the Holocaust Monument will have to be a vital place you should pay a visit. It has been built for the Jews who were persecuted during the world war. It has been built by architect Peter Wiseman.

The names of the persecuted Jews has spread in 2710 concrete blocks. If you are a sensitive person, the landmark will be a place where you can sense the loneliness and the true nature of the mankind. The passages have been created as narrow ones that may lead the travelers to lose their path. Along with disoriented blocks along with the lost minds, the visitors will feel the exact feeling Jews had before being executed.

Partnachklamm Gorge, Bavaria

Landmarks always don’t have to be the man-made structures. The Partnachklamm Gorge is one of the living examples for that.  The Gorge is counted as one of the natural famous German landmarks which is 702 meters (2,303 ft.) long and over 80 meters (260 ft.) deep. It is open for the local travelers as well as the foreigners who are interested in visiting this place.

If you are a foreigner, you will have to skip the winter-Spring months before arranging a tour into the Gorge.  Also, you will have to pay an entry fee to have the access as the maintenance and the safety options are conducted in this place by the authorities.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Once considered as the symbol of the division, this is now the unity of the country. If you have seen films or game related to the Germany, the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin is one f the laces you must have seen.  As one of the famous German landmarks, it will deliver an embracing sight around the area. The site was once called a restricted area for even the Germans. In the World War 2 period, the Brandenburg Gate had been used as an executing site for the Jews.

Although the World War 2 had finished in the late 1940s, the Brandenburg Gate was not considered as a popular landmark until 1989. After the fall of the German Wall, thousands of Germans got together at this place and started celebrating the real freedom. Since then, Brandenburg Gate is a popular landmark among the tourists.

At present, you are free to visit this iconic site and get some picturesque beautiful clicks for your memory. If you can make it to this place on new year’s eve, that will be an awesome opportunity.   Also, this place is free to have the access. As the last thing to note, the transparent floor will be a thing you should remember.

East Side Galery, Berling

Among the 10 famous German landmark, you will find this to be the only one that depicts the true nature of Germans. As it sounds, the v will let you enjoy an electric experience for sure. This site belongs to the part that had been divided into two.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the East Side Gallery has been turned into an art gallery. It stars different types of ideas that elaborate the freedom of the artists. You are absolutely free to visit this place, and you must keep at least few hours to visit this place. Although the architecture is not what you may enjoy the art will be at its best place in the East Side Gallery.

Bastei Bridge, Saxon Switzerland NP

Among the awesome famous German landmarks the Bastei Bridge, Saxon Switzerland will be a breathtaking landmark in German. This place will create a legendary sight at the first glance for sure. Made with the stone bricks, the bridge has been able to pass almost three centuries. You will not be able to see this bridge at the first stare as the bridge has got the same color of the mountains it connects. 

This Bridge is a crowded place in the afternoon. The best time to see and enjoy the disappearing fog above the mountains is the early morning.  Since the bridge is not open at some parts of the year, mostly in winter due to the winter and its climate, you should make the Bastei Bridge in the dry season.

Zwinger Palace, Dresden

When the time you become a usual traveler to the Germany, you will realize that eh Germany is a country where the landscape and the landmarking don’t meet most of the times. The Zwinger Palace is a place that common thought gets ruined. The Zwinger Palace is consisted of structures, water ponds, parks, and various landscaping features.

The palace has been started to construct in the edge of the 18th century. Along with lots of included features such as architectural monuments, gardens, antics, and the paints, the palace is a must-visit place for a traveler in Germany.

Römer, Frankfurt

The architecture is something that you never feel like quitting. When it comes to the Römer, Frankfurt, you will go to a whole new level. Romer is located in the city of Frankfurt, which is considered as the most embracing landmark.  The building consists of three buildings that have been built in the 15th century.

The mayors of the Frankfurt are the men who have been governing the cities for a longer period. Since the city’s age is exceeding 600 years, the governing system can also be considered as one of the oldest systems in the world.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria is not only a landmark for the Germany but a world known castle that has touched the embracing German architecture. The castle has been built in the 18th century. However, the king Ludwig, who wanted this castle to make his living place has not been able to see that. This place was supposed to be one of the king’s public properties.

Since the King died in 1889, the place was opened for the public. Since then, the public have been visiting this place that has a panoramic view giving structure. If you make it to this place, the panoramic view will be one of the embracing things to enjoy.

There are more coupe of things a traveler needs to know about this castle, ability to see the castle from both the top and the bottom and its similarity to the Walt Disney trademark. Some says that the trademarked Disney Castle has inspired the Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria as well. As one of the 10 famous German landmarks, you will be able to stay hours watching the awesome architecture of the Ancient Germans.

Lake Constance, Bavaria

Among the 10 famous German landmarks, the Lake Constance is the only place that has a water origin. This is not just a lake but one of the best lakes in Germany. The lake is facilitating the line for three countries, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Among those three countries, Germany has got the highest portion as well. 

Since there are lots of towns around the lake, you will be able to enjoy many activities such as cycling, boat trips, hiking, camping and even a delicious plate of food. Konstanz, Friedrichshafen, Bregenz, and Lindau few such towns you can easily interact with.

Hannover Town Hall

If you want to see an underrated architectural masterpiece in Germany, the Hannover Town Hall will be the first place. Although it is not visited by the tourists throughout the year, the Hannover Town Hall is a must-place for a traveler who wants to maximize the meaning of his visit. The construction of this town hall was stated at eh beginning of the 20th century which came to an end in 1913. 

One of the gifts a visitor gets is the panoramic view which provides a great sightseeing of the surrounding. If you travel the extra mile from the welcoming main hall to the dome up above, that will be it. Although the fee for having the access to the Hannover Town Hall is free, you will have to pay a small amount of money for the lift that takes you to the dome.

Conclusion : 10 Famous German Landmarks

This article has explained 10 famous German landmarks that you may love paying visits as a foreign tourist. These landmarks have based on the reviews, comments, and the actual visits made by the writer. It means, that your previous visits, you taste such as architectural, panoramic viewing or any other thing might go against these choices. Therefore, it is better to refer to these landmarks using video footages or the images that you can find. 


What is the most visited place in Germany?

The most visited place in Germany is berlin. As a city that is bearing lots of war memories, Berlin is chosen by the tourists. The authorities of Germany is also taking necessary actions to develop Berlin due to its reasons.

What is the most famous landmark in German?

The Germany is known for lots of landmarks that are known for the memories of the Second World War. When it comes to eh most famous one, the Brandenburg Gate is crucial. It has been built between 1788 and 1791 as a symbol of the divided city.

What is the most famous among the famous German landmarks?

Neuschwanstein Castle is considered as the most famous among the famous German landmarks. It has been revised by more than 60,000 tourists and has got a rating of 4.6 stars.

What is Germany known for?

Germany is known as a land where the greatest pointers and the thinkers have born. Sausages and beer, Christmas rituals and traditions, are the things the Germany is known for. Other than these things, Black Forest, the Alps and Oktoberfest and the greatest German cities are the attractions for Germany.

What is the rank of Germany for the Tourism?

Among the nations that have focused on the tourism, Germany is ranked at eh 16th place for their tourism. It can be recognized that he Germany has been able to stay among the first 20 ranks during the last 20 years. Not only the typical famous German landmarks but the sustainable tourism I staking place in Germany.
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