Should I Visit San Francisco or Los Angeles?
These Are Facts

Are you struggling for a decision with “Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles” as a traveler. This article will surely help you.

Planning of a trip is the hardest step to take. You will have plenty of things to figure out as the success of the trip depends on the ability of planning. When it comes to the deciding of the destinations that will be harder and harder. If you are struggling your way between “Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles”, that will be a tough decision. Since both coastal cities are capable of delivering literally everything to the travelers, you will have to consider each and every tiny details. This article will help you to do that.

Direct Comparison : Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles?


San Francisco

Score For the factor

Los Angeles

Score for the factor


The average cost per day is about $100.


The average cost per day is around $65.



The entertainment is based on the events, festivals, and a limited number of attractions compared to LA.


The entertainment is based around the locations of Hollywood, beaches, and other natural attractions.



The crime rate is exceeding 12% which is higher than LA.


The crime rate is maintained at 8%. The Los Angeles city and the other areas have got a higher security than San Francisco.


Diversity in the Population

Since San Francisco is one of the cities with lots of employment opportunities, you will meet lots of people. Food, beverages, cultures, and lots of things will be there. 


You will not find lots of variations in the cultures or food menus.  But, you will be lucky to see world class starts in the filming industry as well.


Natural Disasters



Very high. Natural disasters include all types of disasters, wild fires, floods, storms, landslips, as well as earth quakes.


Natural Disasters



Very high. Natural disasters include all types of disasters, wild fires, floods, storms, landslips, as well as earth quakes.



Very high in the city area. Since the attractions are located right in the urban areas, it will take lots of times to the travelling


Traffic is higher in the urban areas. But, you will not find traffic outside the city. 


Family or the Solo travel

The cost and other expenses + things to do suggest a solo travel

Family – 92%

Solo – 73%

The cost and other expenses + things to suggest a family vacation

Family – 72%

Solo – 86%






Population and density

874,961and is far less than Los Angeles.

The density is less than Los Angeles.


3.967 million.

Density is way higher than San Francisco.



People’s friendliness








Very high


Lets Have A Pros And Cons Guide First

Here is a list of Pros and Cons when you start spending your vacation or trip in San Francisco.

Pros of San Francisco

San Francisco Has Everything to move and

San Francisco has got everything under control when it comes to the transportation. Having your own vehicle will not make any trouble when visiting attractions in Los Angeles. When coming to a budget traveler who compares “Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles”, you are going to need public transportations. 

Busses, trains, trollies, and every possible way of transporting is available in San Francisco. Even if you are intending to move around with foot, that will be a possible thing. San Francisco is a city where the environmental pollution has been minimized which allows you to walk all day. If you compare “Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles? “regarding the transportation facilities, San Francisco will be up in the comparison n as a sure thing.

What Is The Name Of San Francisco’s Transportation System?

Muni is the system that is considered as the transportation system of San Francisco. It includes not only buses, trains, and cable cars but the F-line heritage streetcar. According to the most of the travelers who compares San Francisco with other cities, the transportation is one of the best features in the city.

San Francisco Has A Higher Diversity In The Population

You are surely going to need people to associate during your vacation or the trip. If the association of new people and cultures is one of your intentions, you will have to go to San Francisco instead of LA. According to the stats,  the population has ben arranged with 45% white, 34% Asian, 15% Hispanic, 5% Black, 8% of other and more minor races. Even if you are interested in meeting your kind in San Francisco, you will still be finding at least few hundreds in the city.

Is San Francisco Friendly For LGBT?

If you are seeking for LBBT association, San Francisco will also be a great destination for you. The law and the social arrangement of the city are going to be favorable for you. According to the social facts, more than half of the city’s population are is a mutual attitude towards the LGBT.

You Will Have More Cuisine In San Francisco Than Los Angeles

What are your favorite types of restaurants according to the nationality? Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino, Italian, or Indian must be one of them. You will find all of them in San Francisco ad that will be one of the opportunities to get if you wonder should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles.

More importantly 5 start and even 6 star rated restaurant will be at your service in San Francisco. Even if you have the favor over the food according to origin such as seafood, vegetarian, or the spicy food, you will be babel to find them in any part of the city’s restaurants.

What Are The Food Trends In San Francisco?

San Francisco is popular for trends related to Golden Bridge and the cable car food restaurants. You will be able to have a different kind of experience in those places.  Also, you will find balance, French rice Dungeness crab, sand dabs, bay shrimp like food will be available for you in the latest food trends in San Francisco.

How Much Should I Pay For A Cable Car Ride In San Francisco?

The usual fee is $8 per ride. If you are either a VIP or a senior citizen that will be reduced down to $4.

You Will Find An Event Almost Every Day

Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles for events? If you are a traveler who wants to enjoy life with new events, festives, parties, and the entertainment, San Francisco will be the city where you need to be. The most important thing about the San Francisco is its year round events that are allocated for both locals and the tourists.

If you are a traveler looking for the entertainment, you will never be running out of parks, parties, and any kind of events in every corner of the city. Since the beach is an adequate features for San Francisco, beach parties will be a major attraction to you.

Is the Golden Gate Garden one of the places where I should pay a visit?

As a traveler, you will find this place to be a great attraction. There are Shakespeare Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Tea Garden, and Queen Wilhelmina Garden more places that you must pay visits. You will not only find events but an awesome atmosphere for food, events, and the relaxation.

What Is The Biggest Place In Golden Gate Vs Central Park?

You will find the Golden Park to be bigger than the Central park by 150 acres. However, you will find more parks than both Golden Gate and central park. When coming to the events and the other attractions, the Golden gate park will be the biggest one among all those parks in the country.

Should I Visit San Francisco Or Los Angeles? : Cons

Following Cons can be identified in the San Francisco city as a traveler.

Increased Cost For Everything

You will find American Soil to be an expensive one for sure. The most important thing about the increased costs and the fees related to the San Francisco city is being high. You will have to bear lots of expenses as a traveler. You will have to pay multiple time s of those expenses in San Francisco. For example, the average price for a hotel room is about 100 USD.

When it comes to the bus and train charges, they will also be higher than any place in the world sometimes. You might know that the average price for a hotel room in Greece or any other place is way below $100. Also, the mentioned price s for a single room. If you intend to travel to San Francisco as a family, things will be more expensive. 

If you are comparing these two cities under “Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles “without the budget focus, everything will be fine as a sure thing. Also, you can follow some budget strategies when visiting San Francisco.

How Much Money Will I Have To Expend In San Francisco Daily?

After considering the usual activities of a traveler, you will have to expend about $200 in the San Francisco as a solo traveler. You will have to expend about $225 per day as a family traveler.  It includes, transporting charges, food, accommodation, and the fees for the entry tickets.

A simple answer for, Is San Francisco cheap or Expensive to visit?

The simple answer is, it is an expensive city. According to the reviews and the comments of the travelers, San Francisco is the most expensive city in the United States, which makes it one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Natural Disasters

If you are wondering if Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles regarding the freedom offered by the nature, San Francisco will not be the city you would like to stay. Under the natural disasters, you will find the city to have afceted by the Storm and Earthquakes.

According to the stats, there is a percentage of 63% to occur an earthquake in the bay area of San Andres. As a traveler, it is important to remember that the San Francisco city will be subjected to other natural disasters like storms, floods, and even the landslips as people have lost their lives in the last few years.

When Was There A Massive Earthquake In San Francisco For The Last Time?

A large earthquake took place in San Francisco in 1989 when 63 deaths, nearly 4000 injuries, and an estimated damage of $6 billion occurred in San Francisco. Although predictions been made for the next earthquake, an earthquake has not happened yet.

Pros In Los Angeles Travelling

Here are few answers as for “Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles?”

Hollywood And Entertainment

The first thing to know about the Los Angeles is its filming and the entertainment industries. If the film, TV series, celebrities, as well as the locations are in your mind, the city will be the first place where you need to be.  Also, if you get to see one of your favorite celebrities while shopping or walking on a street, that will not be a thing to surprise at all.

According to a research conducted by the University of California, it has been revealed that there is a chance of 79% to meet a celebrity in Las Angeles for a traveler. More importantly, you will get that chance.  Other than that, you will be able to find lots of events organized monthly. So, you will get a higher chance to meet one of your favorite celebrities in there.

When it comes to the filming locations and theaters, the city is considered as the best place in the US. You will find your favorite movies’ locations in one of the filming spots in Los Angeles as well.

Is The Los Angeles And Hollywood Same Or Two Different Places?

Los Angeles is the region where the Hollywood is located. In fact, Hollywood is a part of Los Angeles.

Your Family Will Be Happy To Be There

If you are expecting to get there with your family, Los Angeles will deliver lots of family events in there. For example, Disneyland in Anaheim, Knott’s Berry Farm, Legoland California Resort, and the Pacific World will be there for your entire family. If you are considering facts for “Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles? “as a family, you will surely have to be in Los Angeles.

The most important thing about the family activities is the expenditure. You will be able to conduct some budget events if you like. Going on fishing, a night camp, camping in the forest areas, or a Star Observation camp like budget events are possible in Los Angeles.

Is it take my family to Los Angeles?

Although you may find security and safety issues in San Francisco, the Los Angeles city and the whole region will be a safest place for you. More importantly, 35 million tourists tours is visit this state annually. That includes about 10 million families as well.

Is Los Angeles More Expensive than San Francisco?

Los Angeles is indeed an expensive city for the goods and service. Bit, it is less expensive than San Francisco which is considered as the most expensive city in the country.

You will find more different variations in one State

You might not have been able to find mountains, desserts, and beaches in one place. even if you have, you might not have enjoyed them with the ;luxury facilities. Los Angeles is famous for mixing mountains, beaches, and the arid regions for the travelers. If you are frustrated with the Winter, Los Angeles will be the only place where you need to be. Even if you are looking for greenish forest regions, the Angeles National Forest will be a place for you to pay a visit.

More Activities

If you wonder about “Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles ” regarding the activities, you will have to choose LA due to severe; reasons. Among the things you can do, paddle boarding at Balboa Island, snorkeling at Catalina Island, Surfing in Malibu, enjoying a campfire on Dockweiler State Beach, fishing in Santa Monica and Venice, Beach volleyball at Playa Del Rey, and enjoying a campfire in the Angeles National Forest are crucial. You will find more tourists attraction in the Los Angeles as well.

All these locations have spread across the State and you will be able to enjoy your rides along with the entertainment dedicated in those areas. Food, beverages, accommodations, and more activities in each location will be unique.

What Are The Places I Should Not Miss In LA?

Golden Hour At Griffith Observatory, Sunset In Santa Monica, Hike Runyon Canyon, The Venice Canals, The Museum Of Ice Cream, and the Bay areas in the state are the place you must pay visits as a traveler.

Cons About Los Angeles To Pay A Visit

Cons About Los Angeles To Pay A Visit

As you can remember San Francisco is one of the busiest cities in the world. So is Los Angeles. You will have to spend hours in the traffic. If you consider your time as a major concern, you will have to avoid both cities if you wonder, Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles. It has been found that a typical LA resident happens to stay 156 hours per year in the traffic. As a traveler, you have no idea about the traffic and the busty areas in the city which makes you more vulnerable for traffic.

How can I avoid the time wasted in Los Angeles?

The most important thing about traffic in Los Angeles is its times. If you can hit the road between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and avoid the road between7 a.m. to 10 a.m., you will be able to save lots of times. But, accidents and other issues may cause the same damage.

Poor Environmental Quality

Los Angeles is not always delivering a clear sky. Not only the sky, but the surrounding will not be a favorable one for you. If you compare San Francisco vs Los Angeles, you will realize that both modern cities have well-improved infrastructures except the friendly air. If you move off the city, you will start feeling dirt as a sure thing. When it comes to the smog that is indeed higher in Los Angeles. According to the stats, Los Angeles city has had over 130 days with bad air. If you are asking yourself if should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles related to weather, Los Angeles will have to be the first city to be removed.

Conclusion : Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles? These are facts

This article has described the differences as well as the similarities between San Francisco and Los Angeles. As a traveler, you might have been facing lots of trouble with pinning your right spot after considering lots of factors. If you were struggling in between “Should I visit San Francisco or Los Angeles “, this article will be an assistance for sure.

As a traveler, you will have thousands of things to consider when choosing the destination between San Francisco Vs Los Angeles. But, simply, San Francisco will be an expensive place where you can enjoy luxurious life at its best. Food, accommodation, start rated events, and busy streets will be delivered to you in San Francisco. Most of people choose San Francisco as a solo destination.

When it comes to Los Angeles that will be a great destination for your family. You will have lots of places to show to your kids and enjoy yourself. The most important thing regarding the city is its freedom. You will always find lots of space for you in and out of the city.

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