10 Good Things About Italy Before Visiting

Italy has been a pleasuring destination for millions of annual travelers. This article will explain 10 Good Things about Italy Before Visiting. Italy is one of the most embracing empire the world has seen in the last few millenniums.

The rulers, artists, engineers, as well as the tragic incidents related to Italy are worth a second glare for sure. Among all those things, Italy has got more things that you have never ever heard or thought of. Along with those things, your visit to Italy will be a more meaningful one. This article will tell you about Good Things about Italy before Visiting.

They Delivered the Hand Gestures to the World

How many good things have the Italians delivered to the world? You might have heard that the kissing has been also introduced by the Romans. Among those Good Things about Italy before Visiting, the hand gestures are crucial. According to the specialists who have followed the traditions of Italy, there are more than 200 hand gestures that deliver various implications to others. Those gestures consist of hand pinching, shaking, swiping, rubbing, and small flicks of the fingers as well.

The Political Atmosphere

The Italy belong to a culture that has been able to change of the entire political course of the world. But, when it comes to the present day, Italy has not been able to keep one stable government within less than one century. According to the stats, 63 Governments have been set up since 1943 and fallen.

When coming to the number of Prime Ministers, 39 prime ministers have been appointed and happened to leave the post with a short period. Silvio Berlusconi is considered to be the only president who has been able to stay for 05 years who is also labeled as a womanizer. If Italy was a country with a less population, everyone in the country could become either a president or a minister wouldn’t it?


Italy’s volcanos are among the Good Things about Italy before Visiting. Although a volcano is a disastrous thing, the benefits form the volcanoes are entertaining for the citizens in the country. The bath near the volcanoes, trips to the base of the volcanoes as well as plenty of impressive thing are related with the volcanoes. Italy has got five active volcanoes and one of them is considered as the largest in the Europe as well. Mount Etna in Sicily is the largest volcano along with its unique eruptions, lava flows, and stunning views delivered to the visitors.

The Italian Cursing

There cannot be any way that your main intention to get cursed by an Italian. If you do, you will see that their language use is 100% efficient and effective when cursing to someone else. According to the language specialists, the Italian language is something that can connect harshest tone to the human ear.

Not only the tone, but the accent, style, rhythm, and even the managing are sent straight into the soul. The most important thing about Italian cursing is its variations according to the regions in the country. Let’s hope you won’t be found in a middle of an Italian cursing when you are in Italy, won’t you.


Among the arts and various abilities the Italians got from their forefathers, vehicle industry has been an awesome business to talk about. At present some of the world class car bards such as Fiat, Lamborghini and Maserati have been delivered by Italy. Among numerous Good Things about Italy before Visiting, the expensive car manufacturing has been a great concern. If you are too interested of the car manufacturing, a visit to one of those factories will be a thrilling experience.

Home To Pizza And More Food

Even if this much of ruins and ancient links have not been found in Italy, its food would have attracted thousands of men. Pasta, Pizza, special desserts like Apple Pudding, Strawberry cake, and lots of foodstuff have been made available by the Italians for this world.

One of the Good Things about Italy before Visiting is the hospitality of the Italians. Although they are capable of preparing lots of desserts and food, they just have a short meal instead of the large menus. For whom they prepare these special food are for the visitors.

River Cruising

Italy is one of the safest destinations in the world for being facilitated river cruises. Among the several cruises the Italians have, river cruises have been provided along with great sceneries, hospitality, and the vibrant attractions around the country. Although cruises are not available al around the country at once, travelers will be able to travel from one Italian historic site to another using the cruises.

Different Types Of Baths

Italy is a country with lots of water related things. When it comes to the comfort of the body, baths are crucial. According to sources, more than 500 bath canters have been set up across Italy for the travelers. When it comes to the types of baths, medicinal baths, mud baths, Tuscan hot baths, land baths, and the thermal baths have been found embracing by the travelers. Along with the hot baths, the mineral drinking has become a popular activity for the travelers. The Italian Government state that the mineral bath is one of the nutritious thing for the bodies as well.


Although lots of ruins and ancient sites were found undamaged, excavations have never found whole village where a tragedy has happened along with fresh actions. The Pompeii was the only village to have found in that kind of scenario. Excavations could bring the saddest memories of the villagers who had to face the anger of the volcano.

Market places, temples, families, lovers, animals, and lots of things have been recovered from the Pompeii site. When coming to one of the strangest things, no one doesn’t know when the eruption took place and the tragedy happened. Since there have not been a single survivor, it has hoped. At present, Pompeii has been declared as a UNESCO site by the UN.

Mafia Is Real

As one of the deadliest gangs in the world, Mafia is a popular name among the people. Along with the white color crimes, Mafia was once known as the most organized crime syndicate as well. According to some people, it is just a word which is not true. Started in the Sicily Island, Mafia has now spread to various parts of the world at present. However, you don’t have to worry about that as you are just going to be a traveler in Italy. Although it is not one of the Good Things about Italy before Visiting, you should know at least it is real.

Good Things About Italy Before Visiting - Conclusion

This article explained few more reasons to add to your list to increase the appetite of Italy. It is a country that can be considered as an oasis for any kind of person. A person who loves art, Italy will be an artistic country. A person who loves entertainment, the Italy will be an entertaining country. When it comes to a person who loves food, italy will be a country that has delicious food. Like this, above all, 10 Good Things about Italy before Visiting must have been a great way to address Italy for you. It is up to you to select what kind of favor you are going to need.

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