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The beautiful and peaceful Passikudah is located at Kalkudah, a small coastal village located on the eastern shoreline of Sri Lanka. Since it is on the opposite side of the commercial capital of Colombo and the Bandaranaike International Airport, the area is quite peaceful and not a lot of tourists choose it as a most-visited attraction when in Sri Lanka.

Passikudah Beach belongs to a coastal resort town adjoined by the white stretch of the beach, and it is only 30 kilometres away from Batticaloa and only 6 kilometres from the village of Valachchanai. Passikudah and Kalkudah beaches are both famous shorelines in the area and the two beaches are only a few kilometres away from each other.

The area of Passikudah and Kalkudah suffered immensely due to the civil war in the country as well as the Tsunami disaster in 2004. Although adored by locals and tourists alike before them, Passikudah has become isolated due to the hardships it has gone through.

Still, there are many empty lands and washed-away properties which have taken their toll in the Tsunami all along the main beach stretch.However, Passikudah beach is now up-and-coming in the tourism industry once again. Due to the many rehabilitation projects and construction projects, the area is slowly becoming populated and the white, hot sands, along with the coral-blue Indian ocean is becoming more and more occupied.

Passikudah beach is a picture-perfect horseshoe-shaped bay, and it is known to have one of the longest stretches of shallow coastline waters.The sea-lovers can wade into a couple of kilometers into the warm waters of the Indian ocean, which is not that deep and the sea currents are relatively low when compared to the other beaches.

These safe environment makes Passikudah beach one of the safest and most family-friendly swimming spots on the island. There are many accommodation options in the area, due to the eastern coastline being known to be the home for many water-activity-related beaches such as Passikudah beach, Kalkudah beach and oh-so-famous Arugam Bay.

You can rent out diving gear and surfboards from almost all the shops here, since the locals depend on the booming tourism during the season. Many up-and-coming star class hotel projects are undergoing in the area, and when the projects are finished, Passikudah beach will be bustling with life and action throughout the year.

During the high season, many water-sport lovers from all over the world visit Passikudah beach to enjoy the shallow waters and the gushing waves. As opposed to the nearby Arugam Bay beach, which is for the expert surfer during the season, Passikudah beach is the ideal location for the beginner surfer.

Apart from surfing, the shallow waters of the Passikudah beach is perfect for sea bathing, getting sun-tanned and kid-friendly activities. You can spot many locals visiting the beach due to the friendly conditions it offers and you can even get local surfers to introduce you to surfing.

Best time to visit – June until August for surfing and rest of the year as well to enjoy the calm waters

Distance from Colombo – 298 km

How to get there – Around 6 hours and 30 minutes in a private vehicle from Colombo

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-1="h4" question-1="How is the weather at Pasikuda Beach & Kalkudah??" answer-1="The Climate at Pasikuda Beach & Kalkudah Is Tropical. Also There Is Not Much Rainfall Than in Summer. The Average Temperature at Pasikuda Beach & Kalkudah 27.8 °c | 82.1 °f. The Rainfall Is Around 1383 Mm to 54.4 Inch Per Year." "count="5" html="true" css_class=""]
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