Nyc Rooftops Urban Exploration Everything You Should Know About

If the NYC rooftops urban exploration is meaning to you or something you seek during your vacation, this article will help you with that.

As one of the latest exploration trends, the Rooftops Exploration is becoming popular among the youngsters.  Although there are lots of places in the world for that, you will find New York City to be a great city eventually. As the first thing to note, it is an illegal activity in NYC.  When coming to the travelling, things will not change much but slightly for rooftop traveling. It means, if you know how to do that, everything will be possible. This article will explain 10 FAQ about the NYC rooftops urban exploration to you.

Is The NYC Rooftops Urban Exploration Legal?

Of course no. you have to possess a specific authorization not just for walking on a roof that belongs to a company but staying on such roof. According to the law, every available person and the property is counted for leaving space in their rooftops.

In accordance with the NYC Fire Code, every building that has a height of 100 ft. must leave space or have emptied the rooftops which means any person can conduct activities on the roofs in NYC. If you are caught during a NYC rooftops urban exploration, you will be punished and sent into the prison.

Why Is NYC Rooftops Urban Exploration Restricted By The Authorities?

Literally, what you are going to do as a traveler is an illegal thing, staying on someone’s property without their permission. As an urban exploring traveler, you are free to step on to someone’s land and step out as a regular thing, but, it is a critical thing to step on a roof that belongs to a number of owners or a large company. Simply, all of those things are considered s security violations. However, you must remember that both things are illegal as well.

Why is the NYC considered as a better city for the Urban Rooftop exploration?

The New York City is considered as one of the cities with a higher snow fall. It is said that the average height of the snow fall is about 2 ft. per year as well. Therefore, the drainage systems have been set up to mitigate these kinds of problems. When it comes to the NYC rooftops exploration, the city is delivering an awesome sight seeing for the urbexplorers during the whole year. Although restrictions as well as laws have been set up for the explorers, they do the exploring throughout the year.

Are There Any Roof Top Bars In The NYC?

Of course, you will have; lots of rooftop bars in the New York City. One of the best ways for the NYC rooftops urban exploring is to go for a roof top restaurant. Here are 07 Rooftop bars that you can enjoy in New York city.

  • Westlight NYC in Brooklyn
  • SERRA by Birreriain the Flatiron district
  • Electric Lemon in Hudson yards
  • Sushi Lab In Sanctuary Hotel
  • Gallow Green
  • On the top of the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea
  • Social Drink & Food on the 4th floor of YOTEL

Can I Visit One Of The Rooftop Bars Just For A Drink?

You must be intending to get to one of the most expensive places for just seeing the outside. Yes, you can. You can visit all of the rooftop bars in New York for a drink.

For example, you can visit the Sushi Samba for just a drink and spend some quality time.

What are the NYC rooftops urban exploration spots in the city?

Ever roof in the New York City will be a great spot to do the rooftop exploring. When it comes to the sightseeing, there are legal as well as specific spots a swell. You will be able to see the whole city in refinery Rooftop, Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC, Top of the Rock Observation Deck, One World Trade Center, St. Cloud Social at The Knickerbocker Hotel,  INK 48 hotel, Fornino, Birreria like rooftosp that belong to the highest buildings in the city.

What Is The Difference Between The Skyline And The Rooftop Scenic Points In New York City?

A rooftop is a place that belongs to a building. If you are in the right spot, you will be able to see the city and up to the ocean as well. When it comes to a skyline points, you will be able to see the entire skyline touching buildings from your point, and you will stand in a far distance. When it comes to the legal background of those two scenarios, you will be able to get the skyline sights from lots of legal points while the rooftop sights are allowed by the owners of the properties.

What Can I Do Instead Of The Illegal NYC Rooftops Exploration?

Of course you have lots of things to do similar to the NYC rooftops urban exploration. Having the highest sightseeing is one of them. You can easily get to the top of the Freedom Tower, one of the highest buildings in the world. You will not have to get a special permission for this activity as well. Other than that visiting the World Trade Center or any public buildings in the NYC is another thing that you can do. Also, the  NYC rooftops bars will be a nice way to spend some quality time.

Are There Abandoned Rooftops In The New York City?

There are more than 20 abandoned rooftops in the United States that attract millions of rooftop explores. All of them have been abandoned by their owners. Although some of the buildings that are used for roof top exploring are functioning from inside, the outdoor functions are either given up or unconcerned.  Most of the visited tourists are not going to get the permission from the owners of those building.

Is It Illegal To Take Pictures Of The Rooftops In New York City?

That depends according to the permission you are about to obtain. If it is either a public or a place which is open for the usual travelers, you will not have to bother about the legality. For example, you will find lots of rooftop bars in the United States where you can pay visits and enjoy a drink without legal clearance. When it comes to some of the private buildings that require a permission, you have to get that for sure.

Is It Restricted To Go To New York City Rooftops For Smoking?

 It depends according to the method you are about to visit the rooftop in NYC. If it is a public place, it will be restricted to smoke. When it comes to a private property that you count as a rooftop, you need to poses the permission of the property holder. Unless, that will be an offensive crime against staying illegal on a private property and smoking from there.

Conclusion : NYC Rooftops Urban Exploration

This article has explained 10 essential thing you need to know about Rooftop Exploring in New York City. You must already know that rooftop exploring in the New York City is one of the restricted matters for the tourists. Therefore, the best thing is to come up with a plan such as getting the permission from the destined building. Other than that, you can refer to other alternatives that have been mentioned in the 10 answers.

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