07 Ecotourism Destinations In France

Eco tourism has taken place in France as a favoration for the tourists. This article will explain 07 ecotourism destinations in France.

Unlike any country in the world, France is a country that has focused on the sustainability. Although there are other counties that have followed the same steps earlier than France, the affection is what France has looked forward always.

When coming to the assets and the natural resources France has at the moment, the country is few steps backs as well. But, the facts what made France a unique place are the investments and the amazing climate. This article will explain 08 ecotourism destinations in France that you must pay a visit in this amazing European country.


The number of Blue flags and the green stations are essential when coming to the ecotourism destinations in France. Brittany had 20 greens stations as well as 35 blue flags in this area. Other than that, Brittany is one of the 100 sustainable destinations in the world as well. Brittany has got everything a traveler needs even under the sustainable tourism.

Also, the natural resources around the Brittany is higher than other places around the country as well. The ocean is the first thing to have counted as an asset. The 1700km coastline coverage is something you cannot ignore as an eco-traveler. Other than that, three natural parks and few abandoned places ensure the eye satisfaction of a traveler.

Mont Saint Michel

If you know the Eiffel tower as the monumental landmark from France, the Mont Saint Michel will also have to be one of the landmarks for you. Along with the strict regulations for releasing gases and the environmental harmful material, this place has been an under-developing place for the tourists. The embracing view is the first thing that you get from this place.

Although the pace is not as high as the Eiffel tower, you will be able to hv eth esend most elevated view for sure. When it comes to the another features of this pace such as the architecture and the narrow streets in the area, you will love them too. Another thing to know of the Mont Saint Michel is its ability to spread water from the coast and people consider this place as a floating piece of land on water.


The Aqualgon is one of the epic products brought by the Disney Company. Although most of the ecotourism destinations in France are the properties of French government, the Aqualagon is a Disney project. The project has already started and functions as an open site for the visitors. Both adults and kids are enjoying these parks already along with lots of positive feedbacks.

Since the project is going to fully function along with few steps, more development is about to happen in the future. It is expected to conduct the activities in the Aqualagon in a safe environment where the emission of environmentally harmful gases is reduced maximum. Other than that, the directors are taking measures to educate the kids about eh agriculture and the farm that woks related to this place. Also, kids can interact with farm animals and get the relevant awareness of the animas as a part of the environment.

The developers of the Disney Ecotourism parks has the idea of developing another park for kids that educates kids about tree houses and the plant related living. The last parks to have opened for the public is really going on with the cooperation of the government. That is why the Disney is planning on opening more parks related to the ecotourism in France.


If you are not a regular traveler to France, you might not have any idea about the Salt production in France. According to the concept of suitable tourism raised by French Government, the Salin d’Aigues-Mortes alt lakes have been declared as one of the ecotourism destinations in France.

The salt is not eh main attraction of this area but there are other attractions such as hiking like activities, evergreen forests, panoramic sightseeing, and the bat trips around the islands. Also, this area is popular for people who have made the living by fishing.

If you are either interested in their lifestyle or fish food, Aigue-Mortes will be a nice place to pay a visit. Also, you are recommended to have one and half hour train trip to get the full use of the rip as well. The epic sightseeing and the cool breeze coming out of the window will be a nice thing to feel in a train trip.

Petite France

There is not anyplace in the world like Petite France where the Wooden houses are steadily held on water. Along with the inherited architecture, this place is a mystic land for the loves. If you are looking for one of the romantic ecotourism destinations in France to stay a couple of nights for your honeymoon, this will be it.

One of the most epic thing about this place is its beauty throughout the year. Although most of the ecotourism destinations in France are forced to be visited in a specific time, you are free to Visit Petite France at any time of year. If you are ready to make a sacrifice for the selection, spring will be better.

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy is not only one of the ecotourism destinations in France but the most embracing Alpine lake in the world. Fishing, sightseeing, hiking, cuisine, and many things are there for a traveler who makes up his mind to pay a visit to this amazing city.

Although there are specific regulations you have to follow as an ecotourism traveler, the epic experience will never be a limited one. The villages near the Annecy Lake are popular for people with their hospitality. Therefore, their food plates and the traditional drinks will make you relaxed as a sure thing.

When it comes to other recognized places by the tourists, the Abbey located near the lake, historical sites, and the medieval castle are crucial. If you make it to one of the peaks near the Annecy Lake, you will be able to get an awesome pic of the picturesque beauty as well.

Lavender Fields in Provence

One of the popular thing about France is their Perfumes. When it comes to the origin of the perfumes, the lavender fields in Provence has had a great responsibility. At present, these lands serve furnace as one of the ecotourism destinations in France as well.

You are free to enjoy the breathtaking and epic feeling from these fields as a traveler. One of the vantage points in Paris is the Eiffel tower which has the highest influence of Social Media as a landmark. When coming to the second and the third options, these fields are attracted by the tourists as new discoveries in recent times.

The French Government has declared a special day for their Lavenders as the lavender festival which begins in June. The best thing is, any tourist can make a visit and enjoy the festival. If you can make it during June into these fields, that will be one of the most elegant decisions you can make.


The article has described 07 ecotourism destinations in France that you can find embracing to pay a visit. The selection of the time for your tour, the procedures you need to remember and flow, and the budget management like factors will still be up to you. More importantly, the ecotourism is a whole new concept you need to know. If you expect to pay a visit to one of these 07 places, you will have to be aware of the ecotourism which following FAQs will help you with that.

Will I have to pay a lot of I choose one of the ecotourism destinations in France?

No, you don’t have to pay much compared to the typical tourism. Since France Government is forcing and aiding the eco-tourism at the moment, you will get more relives.

What does it mean by ecotourism destinations in France?

The tourism based on the ecology and the nature is known as the eco-tourism. When it comes to the France, they have understood that the ecotourism is more effective to the country instead of the typical tourism. The destinations that have been specified as the eco-tourism are known as the eco-tourism destinations.

Why is France looking forward for the ecotourism?

Franc government identified the natural resources such as water, natural assets, and the beaches started corrupting due to the typical tourism along with the ecotourism related destinations, they have the ability to stay in control like always.

What is the potential of the eco-tourism in France?

According to sources, more than 100 million have arrived to France in search of the tourism. When it comes to the eco-tourism, France government believes it is more effective. That is why they are more focusing on eco-tourism. Not only that, but the tourism is one of the major occupations in France as well. According to the stats, one of 10 people are involved in tourism in Paris.
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