08 Isolated Destinations In Spain

Are you a person who wants urban destinations to stay calm and enjoy the visits perfectly? This article will state such 08 isolated destinations in Spain. Two types of travelers are there when it comes to the travelling among people, those who want to enjoy privately and others who don’t mind staying in a crowd.

Spain is indeed a country with a lots of calmness. It makes Spain a fine country for the first type eventually. Although travelers visit this amazing country annually, you will still find lots of places to enjoy and do amazing things. Here are 10 isolated destinations in Spain you might like to have a look.


Among the isolated destinations in Spain, the Cudillero is famous for being a small town with the ocean features. Few scenic bridges, fishing occupation, boat trips, and crystal looking blue water are the main attractions for this place.  Other than that, a delicious seafood meal, a scuba diving, and a kayaking will make you more comfortable. Also, you will get the chance to hang with a fishing boat and get a bit of fishing tips during your visit.


Situated on the island of Tenerife, Masca is one of the iconic isolated destinations in Spain that has been dedicated for lone travelers. This place is known for its peak and the scenic beauty around the area. You will find Masca on a top of the national park.  More importantly, you don’t have to walk to this place as the transport is available almost onto this place.

The vegetation that has a higher variation is the main concern. You are free to choose the route of boat back from this place to discover the true value. When it comes to the peak of the cliff located right near the village that will be a hard hike for sure.

La Palma

La Palma is an island located from the longest distance from the busy life of a city. Usually it takes at least 04 hours on road to get to the nearest busy city from the island which makes the island a perfect one for the travelers who loves staying lonely. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the island is always having enough wind from the ocean.

Other than that, the island has got enough mountains for hikers, volcanic ruins for geographical lovers, and the nearby villages for delicious meals.


Ronda has been credited as one of the secret gems located in Spain. It is visited annually by a vast number of tourists. Ronda is situated just one and quarter hours far from the last known city, Malaga. This place is home to the Spain architecture that runs back to few centuries back.

If you are a traveler who needs some privacy and stay a calm time in a corner of Spain, Ronda will have everything you need. Plenty of attractions such as the ancient bridge, an old church, and the library in the Ronda will be some awesome places to visit.

La Gomera

It is known as a small paradise by people who love staying in a calm environment. The most important thing about this place is its volcanic ruins that have spread up to a large extent. This area has been declared as a UNESCO conservation is due to its natural resources. Endemic animal and plant species are widely available in this area. 

When coming to the main attractions of the island, the elevation and the sandy beaches, you will be able to get two different climates within a least distant difference.  The Agulo village will be a better place for you to enjoy the village life as well.


If you are not familiar with the first name, Astarius will be a familiar name. It is situated near Astarius, one of the famous cities in Spain.  The village belongs to the ancient Spain when the middle and modern ages passed with a lots of favorations. At present, this village has become a lonely place in a remote place in Spain. If you want to spend the time in relaxation, Banduxu will be one of the best isolated destinations in Spain.

You will find lots of enjoyable activities around this village such as hiking, fishing, cycling and discovering ancient ruins. When it comes to the discovery, the church belongs to the 10th century will be a great asst. You will see the architectural influence belong to the ancient Spain. Tower of Bandujo is also such a place.


Spain is famous for its fisheries. If you don’t make a visit to one of the fishing destinations that will be a massive setback. The Formentera is known for its fisheries related tourism. Along with the tourism, the occupational life styles have become a special welcome for the travelers.

Other than fishing, hiking, cycling around the sea view scenic roads, delicious seafood, scuba diving, and lots of activities will be delivered. More importantly, Formentera is a place that has not been developed into the fully travel and tourism. Therefore, you will find space more than enough in here.

El Hieroor

It is one of the least developed cities in Spain and one of the isolated destinations in Spain due to its urban nature as well. Once it was believed as the end of the world due to the large mount range and the endless horizon ran in to the Atlantic Ocean. At present, this town has been selected by lonely travelers as a gateway to the heaven.

Waterfalls and the awesome beaches are the essential thing to be remembered regarding this town. As a traveler, you will be able to enjoy your life at its best in this place. If a traveler wants to find more quiet time and atmosphere, the Valverde village will be a better option. Photography, diving, boat trips, and the small events will be there for a tourist.


This article has examined 08 isolated destinations in Spain. As a tourist, if you want to have your time of your own, those destinations will serve your expectation for sure. You should make sure that the accommodation and the treats are available for your arrival as they are either underdeveloped or undeveloped destinations.

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