10 German Solo Travel Destinations

One of the best ways to enjoy your vacation is as a solo travel. This article will explain 10 German solo travel destinations you may like.

Two types of people are in this world, those who love staying in a crowd and those who stay alone. The taste of the travelling is arranged according to these two types as well. Among thousands of travelers who go as groups, there are hundreds of travelers who want to travel and enjoy their lives all alone. Known as the solo travelers, they love spending their vacations on their own. The security,

Food, accommodation, convenience and many things are, mattered when considering a destination. As a solo traveler, you might like to consider Germany for your travel. Here are 10 German Solo travel destinations that you may like.


As the city known as the Royal facilitator, the Baden-Baden is a place where you must stay for a while as a solo traveler. The city has a reputation as a city that the royals chose for their entertainment as well. If you are tired of the cool or the breezing climates in your region, the Baden-Baden will let you have the warmth of the sun.

Germany is not a country that has a breezing climate, but, you won’t find lots of places to have a warm bath for sure. The Baden-Baden will give you that as a sure thing. The weather will also remain friendly most of the time as well. Cultural values, parties, fashion, shopping and the spa are the things you should not miss as a solo traveler.


Frankfurt has been a major city for the German throughout the history. The same history has remained lots of monuments for the solo travelers as well. Even at present it can be considered as a city where the international affair offices, skyscrapers, multicultural populations, and the travel attractions are located. Römerberg, Museum District, Senckenberg Natural History Museum, The Frankfurt cathedral, and the Kleinmarkthalle are few of the attractions.

If you are a solo traveler who expects the city to be old as well as modern, Frankfurt will undoubtedly be it.  Even if you want to spend hours in old structures, you will still find them too. When it comes to the security, economic strength, and the contribution of the city to the tourism, the city I among the German Solo travel destinations.


Recklinghausen is categorized as the least populated destination among the German Solo travel destinations. If you are concerned of staying in a least crowded place, this city will be the best match for you. When coming to the most important thing about the city, you will be able to have the relaxation at best.

Although there are not much of attractions to pay visits to, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Icon Museum Recklinghausen, Umspannwerk Recklinghausen and the Aussichtsturm “Walkway and Tower” few of attractions that you may like. If you have the desire to visit abandoned or isolated places as a solo traveler, you will find lots of places around Recklinghausen for sure.


Leipzig Is known for having lots of open fairs and markets that show off a countryside atmosphere. As a solo traveler, Leipzig is somewhere quite you may like to stay for a while. Among the German Solo travel destinations, this will be the quietest place in Germany. Along with picturesque beautiful gardens, calm churches, museums to learn about the history, and the massive trading communities, you will find a great atmosphere to travel alone.

Another famous thing about Leipzig is its importance to the education. You will find plenty of space for the learning as well as work from home-like tasks. In a time when the pandemic has raised restrictions, you will find a more suited atmosphere in here as a sure thing. Also, Leipzig is one of the German Solo travel destinations where the part time working has been a crucial thing. If you intend to make a living while travelling alone, it will be your place.

Medieval Rothenburg

It is a known thing that most of the solo travelers are history lovers. It can be the upside-down of the same thing as well. Whatever, the old city known as the Medieval Rothenburg is a great destination for a solo traveler in Germany. If there is a place that can deliver the entire history of the country, that will be the Medieval Rothenburg. You will be babel to see the structure that run back to several centuries in history.

The wars the city faced during the 13th century will be available in the city’s walls. Other than that, the blossoming city will remind you that you have stepped back in time couple of centuries into the history. The flowering streets, tidy houses, and uncrowded city will be a whole new thing for you.   Among the German Solo travel destinations, Medieval Rothenburg is a city that almost everything is free to discover and enjoy. You don’t have to expend money similar to any other place.


It is known as a city that can be enjoyed at the night time by the solo travelers. The old medieval city has been taken up byte travel and tourism and developed in to a scenic night city. Cologne is having lost of panoramic viewing point around the city.

If you are a solo traveler along with a camera, this city will be the city to have enjoyed the most. 12 churches, old restaurants that have been running since 19th century, River Sidewalks, boat trips, seafood, and literally every typical travelling feature will be available in the city. 

Munich, One of the Awesome German Solo Travel Destinations

Munich is known as a city where the fresh air is going to be available as much as you need.  The city consists of plenty of places where a solo traveler can enjoy with his time. Gardens, castles, open markets, bluish ponds, and lots of things are available for a solo traveler.

Deutsches Museum , Marienplatz , Munich Karlsplatz , Karlstor , Schloss Nymphenburg , , and Munich Rathaus  are few of the landmarks you may visit during your vacation. When it comes to the protection, the city is considered as one fo et safest cities in the world. If you have enough time, the beer and its annual Oktoberfest celebration will have to be in your plan during the visit to Munich.


Among the German Solo travel destinations, pots dam is a place you should not forget. Potsdam is identified as a place where the Nuthe River flows into the Havel River and then a series of lakes produced. Literally, this will be the place if your intention is to have mind relaxation.

Although the city is known due to the world known conference held with the participation of U.S. President Harry S. Truman, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, things are not intense like old days. What all it serves is a place where lakes, simple landscaping, friendly costs, and Great hospitality can be enjoyed at best.


As a solo traveler, your desire can be having the taste of a delicious food plate and enjoy an evening in a modern place. The best place for that is Hamburg one of the German Solo travel is destinations considered as the gateway to the Germany. Having a shorter distance to the North Sea, being the second largest city of Germany, having the approach of the cruise ships into the city, modern dynamics, and the security are among the reasons to make this city a better choice for the solo travelers.

Other than that, you may still expect this city to enhance your entertainment through the attractions such as Miniature Wonderland, Speicherstadt, Alter Elbtunnel, St. Michael’s Church, and the hospitality of the city.  It is important to remember that the expenditure is not a massive thing to consider when compared to Berlin. You are free to enjoy your solo travel for a reasonable price. Bridges, walks, a cruise around the harbor, and tasty seafood plate will not cost your monthly salary.


Düsseldorf is considered as furthest city off the Berlin radar. It is said that Düsseldorf is closer to Amsterdam than Belin as the city is located in a far corner in Germany. The city is one of the greatest Universities in the country. Since the education has been a major impact in the city, the infrastructure, hospitality, and the social standards have been developed by the government.

When it comes to a solo traveler, the Düsseldorf city will be a better choice for the budget a swell. The free walking, cycling rounds, fashion shows, night parties, and low budget segment have been a major concern in the city. The most important thing about the city is its historic Old Town (Altstadt) district where the embracing greenish grounds, and landscaping have become a major concern.


This article has described 10 German Solo travel destinations that you may like. All those locations were analyzed using specific criteria such as the safety, cost for the stay, and the number of reported crimes within the last year, and the population.

If what you expect something else by the term “Solo”, you will have to take things into the consideration in your point of view. If you are a beginner or the criteria matches with you, above German Solo travel destinations will surely be for you.


Is the Germany good for solo travel?

Unlike any country in the world, the safety and the protection against crimes has been ensured in Germany. Most of the solo travelers see Germany as a country where the travelling is fun and entertaining. Even the public transport such as train and bus are safer than other countries in the region.

What does it mean by a sol day trip?

A solo day trip is a one day trip that you have to go finish and return within 24 hours. It has been a popular type of trips among those who are spending busy lives.

Can I communicate with Germans in English on a sol trip?

One of the most common problems that you have to face is the communication while travelling solo. Germans will talk and assist you when you need help as they know English.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Germany?

Since the weather is favorable and the travel crowd is less than any other months, February will be the best time of the year to pay a solo visit to Germany.

Is it weird when choosing German Solo travel destinations?

Of course not. Different people have different tastes. It is a common thing to the travelling as well. Therefore, you are free to do anything you like. The most important thing is, even the travel industry in Germany is well understood of the solo travelling.
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